Native vs Custom Payment Page on Wix

Pinwheel integrates into your Wix store with two different payment options

1. Wix inCart payment checkout

  • User-friendly set up from Wix site control panel

2. Pinwheel hosted checkout page

  • Customizable payment page
  • Fully customizable CSS page
  • Necessary for Square, E-Check, 3D Secure and Crypto Currency processing

Getting Started


  • The process begins when we receive our activation email with out Pinwheel login credentials
  • Log in to you Wix store and click settings

  • From here, we will want to select accept payments

  • We will now scroll to the bottom of the page and click “See More Payment Options”

  • We will now select Pinwheel from the list of payment providers

  • We will now enter the credentials we received in our activation email before clicking “Sign in”

  • Once signed in, you will be taken back to the Accept Payments screen. We are not finished yet, so please click “Manage” on your Pinwheel Payment option

  • Here we will choose whether we want the native payment page or the custom payment page
    • Please select “Credit/Debit Cards” if we want the native page
    • Please select “Pinwheel” if we want the hosted page
      • If processing for Square, Crypto Currencies, 3D-Secure or E-Checks we must choose the custom payment page

  • Once we have chosen our payment option, we are ready to start accepting payments!