Walking a Merchant through the Hosted Payment Page

Teaching Merchants about their Hosted Payment Page

  • We do have an article for Merchants to read on their own here, but it is better to walk them through it
  • Pull up their Pinwheel Gateway lead in Atlas and click the shortcut to their Pinwheel Gateway

  • After you sign in and are on their Pinwheel account, you can click “LOGIN AS MERCHANT” to see what they see

  • Once here, head to “Hosted Payment Page”

  • On this page, we will see all of the options available to the merchant, the most important being to add their logo
  • To do so, simply go to the logo tab and click upload logo

  • Once Clicked, the system will ask to pick a file from your local computer
  • Once a file is selected, it will show on the live sample on the right side

  • Now they can simply hit “Save” at the bottom of the column