System Overview

Our system comprises of

  • Transaction Server
    • The transaction server is the core of our system. It is responsible for handling all the traffic to and from a merchant’s eCommerce store.
  • Pinwheel Payment API
    • All the transactions processed directly on the merchant’s store via Pinwheel Pay Payment API.
    • Ease of use
    • Fast setup
  • PCI DSS certification
    • A merchant must have PCI DSS certification before accepting payment via Pinwheel API

  •  Pinwheel Hosted Payment Page
    • Transactions are processed on our PCI DSS compliant hosted page
    • The Customer may choose from multiple payment types i.e. Credit Card, Crypto Currencies as desired by the merchant.
    • Merchants have complete control over the page and can Whitelabel it with a simple form editor or they can have full customization using CSS.