Shopify Errors

Pinwheel 2.0 App Errors

  • If upon completing checkout, Shopify does not redirect to the Pinwheel Hosted Payment page and/or reverts back to the check out with the error below

  • First see the Payment Capture fix
  • If this does not help, see the Credentials fix below
  • NOTE: After implementing these fixes, the issue will be resolved, but you will have to clear your cache/cookies or the error will still appear.
    • Alternatively, you can test using a different browser or an incognito window.


Payment Capture

  • Please ensure that Payment Capture in Shopify is set to Automatic
  • Shopify > Settings > Payments > Payment Capture > Manage >  set to Automatic



  • If you continue to receive “Your payment can’t be processed due to technical reasons”
  • Then the credentials used to connect the Pinwheel 2.0 app into Shopify are incorrect
  • We will need to deactivate the Pinwheel payment method completely from Shopify


  • Shopify > Settings > Payments 
  • Under Additional/Supported Payment Methods
  • Click Manage on Pinwheel


  • Click Deactivate Pinwheel


  • Click Deactivate Pinwheel


  • Click Uninstall Pinwheel
  • And then Confirm again Uninstall Pinwheel


  • Then follow the Integration Guide and ensure you use the correct credentials.
    • If you are unsure about your username and password:
      • Reset your password by using the Forgot Password option here
      • You may also reach out to us at [email protected]




Legacy Errors

  • If you are receiving either one of these errors:
    • {“status”:”error”,”errorMessage”:”Signature Mismatch. Please check your gateway credentials”}
    • {“status”:”error”,”errorMessage”:”Merchant not Configured. Please contact Gateway.”}
    • {“status”:”error”,”errorMessage”:”Cannot read property ‘id’ of null”}
  • This means that your Pinwheel credentials within Shopify are not correct
    • Your credentials will be the ones you set and use for your Pinwheel account
    • If you recently changed your Pinwheel password, you will need to update within Shopify
    • If you do not know your credentials please email [email protected]
  • Log into Shopify and click on Settings


  • Click Payments


  • Click Manage


  • Input your Pinwheel login credentials then click save at the bottom

  • The key is to make sure you are exactly inputting or copying and pasting the credentials. No extra blank spaces
  • If you do not know your credentials, or continue to receive the error after these steps, please email [email protected]