Subscription Payments On Shopify

Our Subscription feature requires the Fraud Shield App on Shopify.

  • Step 1: go to the Shopify App store and download Fraud Shield here.
  • Install it on your Shopify Store
  • Now that you’ve installed Fraud Shield you will have two benifits:
    • Fraud Protection
    • Ability to run subscription payments.

Importing Products

  • In the Shopify store you should tag any product that are recurring.
  • If they don’t that’s ok, but they will have to manually select which products are imported.
  • Log into their pinwheel gateway and go to the recurring payment section.

  • Step 1 = Sync Products

  • Step 2 = Choose the products that you want to download.

  • You can look for Subscription Tags to only view relavent products.
  • Chooses the products that you wants to download.
  • In some cases you might want to give customer a choice  to buy it one time or purchase with a subscription.
  • This is called a product variant. We have a solution for this!
  • When downloading the product click on the plus icon and only choose the recurring product.
  • Once you download your products, you will not be limited to a one time sync.
  • You can sync whenever you want, so update at your convenance.

Setting Up Rules

  • Once you synchronized your subscription products, you need to associate a rules to each product
  • By using a rule system, Pinwheel knows what schedule of payments to setup when that products is purchased.
  • Click on Rule Set in the recurring section.

  • Rules
    • Name the Rule
    • Add Products
      • Once you create a rule you can add as many products to that rule as you see fit.
      • However, you can’t have a product associated with two rules.
    • Order Schedule
      • Set up frequency
        • X times per month
        • X time per year
    • Charge “X” number of times
      • If you leave this blank the customer will be billed forever, unless the subsciption is canceled.

  • Hope this article helps and do not hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questoins or concerns.