Native Payment Page On Wix

  • There are three Pinwheel Payment options in Wix, this will help you locate the correct one


Getting Started

  • Log in to your Wix store and click Settings.



  • Select Accept Payments.



  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click See More Payment Options.



  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Third-Party Credit/Debit Providers


  • Click Connect on Pinwheel



  • Enter the credentials you created and use for Pinwheel – then click Connect
    • Note the username and password fields may be swapped in some browsers
    • Unsure about your credentials? Reach out to [email protected]
    • You may encounter errors if:
      • Your Pinwheel account is not yet active. (Please wait for welcome email)
      • Your credentials are incorrect

We are now ready to start accepting payments!



  • The native payment page will look like this at checkout.


Tips & Recommendations

  • For manual transactions, Pinwheel has a Virtual Terminal
  • General guides on how to use Pinwheel
  • We recommend setting the customer Phone Number field to mandatory within Wix.
    • This will help with chargeback disputes with your processor.