Fraud Shield in Shopify

Prevent Fraud, Prevent Chargebacks, and Increase Business

Learn how to install Pinwheel’s latest Fraud prevention app “Fraud Shield” into your Shopify Store.

Advanced AI

Trained to recognize patterns that have not been seen before, Pinwheel AI detects sophisticated, complex & automated fraud in milliseconds.

Fraud Solution

Fast payments and complete fraud prevention – in one combined solution. Simple user interface designed with the merchant in mind.

Order Linking

Sophisticated feature engineering & dynamic models running simultaneously allow Pinwheel to identify features that are for payments.

Fast Payments & Complete Fraud Solution All in One

Performance Metrics

Pinwheel utilizes a vast network, that was built over 12 years of experience from 6,500 merchants across multiple industries and billions of transactions fed into models that quickly identify different types of fraud.

How Pinwheel Works

Pinwheel’s device collector API creates a unique digital persona that triggers real-time analytics to detect and stop fraud. Simple user interface designed with the merchant in mind.

Pinwheel’s Advanced AI Delivers Desired Business Outcomes

Pinwheel’s AI detects new and emerging payment fraud attacks before merchants are hit with chargebacks. It enables an instant response at the speed of digital business.