Getting Started On Shopify

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate Pinwheel for Shopify
  • You will need a Username & Password for an active Pinwheel account to continue
    • If you have not signed up for Pinwheel, please do so here

Integrating Pinwheel For Shopify

  • Login to Shopify
  • In the bottom left, click Settings




  • Click on the Payments tab




  • Under the “Additional/Supported payment methods” section, click the Add payment methods button




  • Click on Search by provider




  • Type in Pinwheel in to the search and then click Activate
    • If Pinwheel does not load, you may use this link




  • Click Connect
    • (This may sometimes say Manage instead)




  • Click Install app




  • Click Enable Pinwheel Payment Provider


  • Fill in your Pinwheel username and password then click Login



  • Check the Cards that you are approved to transact with per your Processing Account
    • (Selecting or deselecting these flags will not affect which cards you can accept)
  • NOTE: “Test mode” will not work. Transactions will process even if on Test mode
  • Click Activate Pinwheel



  • Navigate back to your Payments tab
  • You will see Pinwheel under the Additional/Supported payment methods section

  • You are now ready to accept payments!
  • If you require any assistance please reach out to [email protected]


Payment Capture

  • Please ensure that Payment Capture in Shopify is set to Automatic
  • Shopify > Settings > Payments > Payment Capture > Manage >  set to Automatic


Tips & Recommendations

  • You can customize your Hosted Payment Page
  • For manual transactions, Pinwheel has a Virtual Terminal
  • General guides on how to use Pinwheel
  • We recommend setting the customer Phone Number field to mandatory within Shopify.
    • This will help with chargeback disputes with your processor.