Getting Started on BigCommerce

How to Integrate BigCommerce with NMI

  • The process will start when you receive your email with the details below.
    • From: [email protected]
    • Subject line:, LLC Payment Gateway Account Information
  • We will want to note the username in this email and click “Set a Password”

  • We will then be taken to our NMI Portal to set your password.

(Password set screenshot)

  • After setting the password, you will be taken to your NMI dashboard.

(NMI Dashboard screenshot)

  • We are now finished in NMI and should have our username and password. You can now close this page and login to our BigCommerce Store.
    • Once in our BigCommerce Administrator Portal, we will want to click store setup

    • And then select payments

  • We will then scroll down and select the “Online Payment Methods” drop down menu and select NMI

  • We will now be taken to the Setup page where we will fill out all of the relevant information
    • “Display Name” is what this payment option will be called on our checkout page (We recommend “Credit/Debit cards”)
    • “Gateway Username” will be our NMI username
    • “Gateway Password” will be our NMI Password
    • “Transaction Type” please choose “Authorize and Capture” for processing to function properly
    • “Require CVV” please choose yes for optimal security and protection
    • “Duplicate Window” please leave at 0 for normal function