Getting Started in Magento

Setting up Magento with Pinwheel

The first section of this guide requires advanced technical knowledge and it is highly recommended to seek professional assistance if needed

  • Once we have received our integration email, we will have the Pinwheel Extension which will need to be need to be copied to the app/code directory.

  • We now need to run the following commands in one terminal:
    • php bin/magento s:up
    • php bin/magento s:d:c 
    • php bin/magento c:f

  • Once completed, we are now ready to configure our new Pinwheel Payment Gateway

Configuring Pinwheel Payment Gateway

  • We will start by signing into our Magento Store and clicking “Stores” and “Configuration” in the popout menu.

  • From here, we will want to scroll down and find the “Sales” option and select “Payment Methods” from the drop down.

  • We will now find the “Pinwheel Payment Gateway” in our list of payment methods and click it to configure the settings.

  • We will then need to add our Pinwheel username and password from our integration email to finalize the setup.

  • We will now want to ensure everything appears in our checkout correctly.