Check Imaging Basics

What Is It? 

  • Check 21 Act gives financial institutions the right to convert the paper checks they receive into electronic images, to process those images for payment instead of the original paper checks, and to destroy those paper checks after an undefined period of time.
  •  Another effect of the law is that it is now legal for anyone to use a computer scanner or mobile phone to capture images of checks and deposit them electronically, a process known as remote deposit.
  • Pinwheel has partnered with a 3rd party check imager to allow you to convert your eCommerce Transactions into check images.


  • Instant approval
  • paperless
  • 100% secure,
  • more difficult to chargeback a electronic check
  • No transaction limits, no monthly limits, no contracts.
  • Accept and verify checks by phone, fax, or online.
  • Accept checks and debit your customer’s account instantly.
  • Recurring billing.
  • Virtual terminal to enter your customer’s check information.
  • Bulk upload of checks.

Additional Information

  • Merchants should maintain a minimum balance of $500 to avoid returned checks.
  • For businesses with business checking accounts only.
  • Business name needs to match the business bank account name on VC or Bank Letter.
  • This service is only for receiving payments.