Creating Subscription Variants in Shopify

Why Use Variants?

  • If you would like to sell a product for one time purchase and subscription, it is necessary to either create two separate products with different names for each, or create a Variant of the product.
  • The Variant appears in a much more user friendly way and creates a better customer experience.


How do I create Variants?

  • You will want to start by selecting the desired product in Shopify by going to “All Products” and clicking the product]

  • From the product page, we will want to scroll down and check the box for “Variants”

  • We will now see a new menu appear. We will want to title what the category will be seen as by the customer. Common options are Frequency or Plan

  • We then want to add the options the customer will see. We suggest having one for Single Purchase, and additional options for each subscription plan offered all separated by a comma.
  • In the example below, this was typed as “Single Purchase,Weekly Subscription,Monthly Subscription

  • We can also edit the prices of each product individually if you would like to offer discounts for subscriptions
  • We will now want to save our changes

  • This is what the finished product will look like to the customer


  • If any changes are made to the variants within Shopify, you will have to resync in Pinwheel.
  • Deleting variants can lead to issues with existing subscriptions.